SRF Temple Minister List

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Jai Guru

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SRF Temple Minister List

Postby pswenson » Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:11 am

Dear Devotees,

Below is the current list of SRF temple ministers that many of you have requested. Please feel free to post additions where appropriate.

Jai Guru,

Pat & Nancy


Encinitas Temple (All are Residents)

Bro. Bhumananda, Minister-in-Charge
Bro. Naradananda (Asst. Minister)
Bro. Ramananda
Br. Gordon

Fullerton Temple

Bro. Praffulananda, Minster-in-Charge
Br. Simone, Asst. Minister
Bro. Saralananda, one of the SRF General Managers
Br. Augusto

Glendale Temple

Bro. Nakulananda, Minister-in-Charge
Bro. Sarvananda
Br. Allen

Hidden Valley (All are Residents)

Bro Brahmananda
Bro. Devananda
Bro. Ishtananda, Minister-in-Charge
Bro. Sattvananda
Bro. Keshavananda
Br. Vito
*There are additional monastics in residence whose names we do not know.

Hollywood Temple

Bro. Anilananda, Minister-in-Charge (resident)
Bro. Vratananda (resident)
Br. Cormac

Lake Shrine Temple (All are Residents)

Bro. Satyananda, Minister-in-Charge
Bro. Achalananda, Vice-President, SRF, member of the SRF Board of Directors
Bro. Ritananda
Bro. Parthananda
Bro. Priyananda
Bro. Santoshananda
Bro. Vishwananda, member of the SRF Board of Directors, and one of the SRF General Managers
Br. Carl
Br. Dale
Br. Klaus
Br. Martin
Br. Michael
Br. Philip

Phoenix Temple (All are Residents)

Bro. Balananda, Minister-in-Charge
Br. Franz
Br. Lynn

Richmond (now Berkeley Temple

Bro. Kalyanananda

San Diego Temple

Bro. Ishtananda, Minister-in-Charge
Bro. Devananda

The following monastics speak at a variety of temples, but to our knowledge are not associated with one temple:

Bro. Jayananda, Hollywood, one of the SRF General Managers
Bro. Jitananda, Fullerton, Hollywood, San Diego
Bro. Nardananda, Encinitas, San Diego
Bro. Nikilananda, Encintias, San Diego
Bro. Pranavananda, Encinitas, San Diego
Br. Abrao (left the order late fall 2011)
Br. Andrew
Br. Cesar
Br. Daniel
Br. Jeff
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Re: SRF Temple Minister List

Postby iggiesue » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:17 pm

Dear Devotees,

We have made some changes to the SRF Temple Minister List. Please let us know if you know of any monastics (along with their Temple/Ashram) who are not currently listed here!

Jai Guru!

Nancy & Pat

P.S. Several people have inquired about the whereabouts of Br. Abrao. He left the order sometime in the late fall of 2011.

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