What’s New for June!

Dear Friends,

We’ve made several changes to our website this month!  First of all, we have moved our Dr. Lewis Lecture Notes from the forums to our website.  They are now in a secure place, so please enjoy the inspiration.

We have added an SRF Convocation Photo Gallery.  All Convocation notes and photos are on our SRF/YSS Lecture Notes page.  Please enjoy!

We have also uploaded many more devotee Facebook pages to our list.  These pages are created and maintained by very loyal and devout SRF/YSS lay-disciples and are completely public to all Facebook users.

As a reminder, our official Devotee2Devotee Facebook Group is a secret group and cannot be accessed by the public.  Maintaining a “secret” group assures privacy, and helps us to create a personal space for prayer requests and personal devotion.  It is our desire to keep all posts visible only to our devotee family.

We have created a Friends of Devotee2Devotee Facebook page for all those who would like to communicate their desire to be added into our official group.  “Friends of” is a public “landing page” where you may write a post requesting to be added into our official group page.  All sincere followers of Paramahansa Yogananda are welcome!

That’s it for June!  Enjoy our website!

Jai Guru,

Pat Swenson 🙂

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