Mejda Book Reading Event Begins October 20th!

Dear Friends,

Our Devotee2Devotee Facebook Group is hosting our second group reading of “Mejda – The Family and the Early Life of Paramahansa Yogananda” by Sananda Lal Ghosh. From October 20th through November 11th, approximately one chapter a day will be read (22 chapters over 23 days).  Please join us online on Facebook OR read on your own or with a group of devotees at home.

We invite you to post short quotes (2-3 sentences) from the text as well as add photos of India and Master’s family, friends, and teachers.Please keep ALL posts positive and uplifting — and directly pertaining to the “Mejda” material.

Mejda is available at the SRF Online Bookstore and the YSS Online Bookstore – and in Espanol:  Cartone format and Rústica format.

Soon after our “Mejda” reading, we will begin our annual reading of The Autobiography of a Yogi, so our discussion of Paramahansa Yogananda’s life will continue into early 2018.

Our group readings have been a blessing for many. Master is joyfully with us — guiding and blessing us! All sincere devotees of our Guru are welcome to join us.

We hope you enjoy our group reading event and pray that it inspires and blesses you! Jai Guru, dear friends! 🙂

Mejda – Reading Schedule – Join Us When You Can!

Day 1 – October20th: Foreword, Publisher’s Note, Introduction

Day 2 – October 21st: Father’s Humble Beginnings

Day 3 – October 22nd: Mejda’s Birth and Boyhood in Gorakhpur

Day 4 – October 23rd: Mejda at Lahore

Day 5 – October 24th: Our Mother

Day 6 – October 25th: Family Life after Mother’s Death

Day 7 – October 26th: Our Days in Bareilly

Day 8 – October 27th: Chittagong

Day 9 – October 28th: Early Years in Calcutta

Day 10 – October 29th: Mejda Explores the Realms of Mind and Spirit (up to The Nonchalant Naga Sadhu)

Day 11 – October 30th: Mejda Explores the Realms of Mind and Spirit (from A vision of Lord Krishna)

Day 12 – October 31st: Mejda’s Guru and College Years (up to In the valley of the shadow of death)

Day 13 – November 1st: Mejda’s Guru and College Years (from Mejda demonstrates the state of Samadhi)

Day 14 – November 2nd: Sannyas and a WorldwideMission

Day 15 – November 3rd: Return to India in 1935 (up to Richard Wright)

Day 16 – November 4th: Return to India in 1935 (from Kriya initiation in Calcutta)

Day 17 – November 5th: The Last Years and an Ongoing Mission

Day 18 – November 6th: Addenda ~ Biographical Notes About Mejda’s Brothers and Sisters

Day 19 – November 7th: Addenda ~ Anecdotes About Mejda from Family Diaries

Day 20 – November 8th: Addenda ~ Letters to the Author from Paramahansa Yogananda

Day 21– November 9th: Addenda ~ Notes from Paramahansa Yogananda’s Discourses (up to Manas)

Day 22– November 10th: Addenda ~ Notes from Paramahansa Yogananda’s Discourses (from Kutastha)

Day 23 – November 11th: Addenda ~ Paramahansaji’s Answers to Questions & Addenda ~ Genealogical Chart

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