Our Annual Reading of Autobiography of a Yogi

Dear Friends,

Our Devotee2Devotee Facebook Group is hosting our annual group reading and online discussion of Autobiography of a Yogi. Please join in as thousands of devotees worldwide partake in the annual tradition of this daily reading. From November 18th through January 5th (Guruji’s Birthday), a chapter a day will be read (49 chapters for 49 days). We will be using the Orange Cover and Complete Version of Autobiography of a Yogi published by Self-Realization Fellowship (copyright 1946-present).

Our group readings have been a blessing for many. Master is joyfully with us — guiding and blessing us!  Please join us online on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1036245583183761 OR read on your own or with a group of devotees at home.

For our Facebook event, we ask that you please keep ALL posts positive and uplifting — and directly pertaining to the “AY” material. You may also supplement the event by posting contemporary and historical photos of places in India and America, as well as images of those mentioned in the text.

All sincere devotees of our Guru are welcome to join us!

Please share our reading schedule with your devotee friends and meditation groups!  Jai Guru!!!

AY is available in a variety of formats, including paperback from the SRF Online Bookstore, paperback from the YSS Online Bookstore, iTunes in the U.S., Audio CD version (Narrated by Ben Kingsley), Kindle Version (U.S. Amazon), SRF e-book version, and Amazon’s India Online Store.

AY Reading Schedule – Join Us When You Can!

Nov 18th: Chapter 1 – My Parents and Early Life

Nov 19th: Chapter 2 – My Mother’s Death and the Mystic Amulet

Nov 20th: Chapter 3 – The Saint With Two Bodies

Nov 21st: Chapter 4 – My Interrupted Flight Toward the Himalayas

Nov 22nd: Chapter 5 – A “Perfume Saint” Displays His Wonders

Nov 23rd: Chapter 6 – The Tiger Swami

Nov 24th: Chapter 7 – The Levitating Saint

Nov 25th: Chapter 8 – India’s Great Scientist, J. C. Bose

Nov 26th: Chapter 9 – The Blissful Devotee and His Cosmic Romance

Nov 27th: Chapter 10 – I Meet My Master, Sri Yukteswar

Nov 28th: Chapter 11 – Two Penniless Boys in Brindaban

Nov 29th: Chapter 12 – Years in My Master’s Hermitage

Nov 30th: Chapter 13 – The Sleepless Saint

Dec 1st: Chapter 14 – An Experience in Cosmic Consciousness

Dec 2nd: Chapter 15 – The Cauliflower Robbery

Dec 3rd: Chapter 16 – Outwitting the Stars

Dec 4th: Chapter 17 – Sasi and the Three Sapphires

Dec 5th: Chapter 18 – A Mohammedan Wonder-Worker

Dec 6th: Chapter 19 – My Master, in Calcutta, Appears in Serampore

Dec 7th: Chapter 20 – We Do Not Visit Kashmir

Dec 8th: Chapter 21 – We Visit Kashmir

Dec 9th: Chapter 22 – The Heart of a Stone Image

Dec 10th: Chapter 23 – I Receive My University Degree

Dec 11th: Chapter 24 – I Become a Monk of the Swami Order

Dec 12th: Chapter 25 – Brother Ananta and Sister Nalini

Dec 13th: Chapter 26 – The Science of Kriya Yoga

Dec 14th: Chapter 27 – Founding a Yoga School in Ranchi

Dec 15th: Chapter 28 – Kashi, Reborn and Discovered

Dec 16th: Chapter 29 – Rabindranath Tagore and I Compare Schools

Dec 17th: Chapter 30 – The Law of Miracles

Dec 18th: Chapter 31 – An Interview With the Sacred Mother

Dec 19th: Chapter 32 – Rama Is Raised From the Dead

Dec 20th: Chapter 33 – Babaji, Yogi-Christ of Modern India

Dec 21st: Chapter 34 – Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas

Dec 22nd: Chapter 35 – The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya

Dec 23rd: Chapter 36 – Babaji’s Interest in the West

Dec 24th: Chapter 37 – I Go to America

Dec 25th: Chapter 38 – Luther Burbank — A Saint Amid the Roses

Dec 26th: Chapter 39 – Therese Neumann, the Catholic Stigmatist

Dec 27th: Chapter 40 – I Return to India

Dec 28th: Chapter 41 – An Idyl in South India

Dec 29th: Chapter 42 – Last Days With My Guru

Dec 30th: Chapter 43 – The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar

Dec 31st: Chapter 44 – With Mahatma Gandhi at Wardha

Jan 1st: Chapter 45 – The Bengali “Joy-Permeated Mother”

Jan 2nd: Chapter 46 – The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats

Jan 3rd: Chapter 47 – I Return to the West

Jan 4th: Chapter 48 – At Encinitas in California

Jan 5th: Chapter 49 – The Years 1940– 1951

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  1. Thanks a lot for the mail! I am very happy to reread the Autobiography together with all the SRF members.
    Jai Guru

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