The Divine Romance by Paramahansa Yogananda ~ 2018 Book Reading Event Schedule

Dear Friends,

Here is the 2018 reading schedule for The Divine Romance by Paramahansa Yogananda book event.  Click here for the Devotee2Devotee Facebook Reading Event Page.

The Divine Romance is available from the Self-Realization Fellowship online bookstore in soft cover and hard cover, and the ebook version is available from iTunes and Kindle.
The Divine Romance is also available from the YSS of India online bookstore in paperback and hardcover editions.

Enjoy the blessings and spiritual inspiration!

Jai Guru!

Divine Romance Reading Schedule – Join Us When You Can!

Day 1 – January 7th: How to Cultivate Divine Love

Day 2 – January 8th: A New Look at the Origin and Nature of Cosmic Creation

Day 3 – January 9th: Practicing Religion Scientifically

Day 4 – January 10th: Finding the Joy in Life

Day 5 – January 11th: What Is Fate?

Day 6 – January 12th: The End of the World

Day 7 – January 13th: The Why and How of Religion

Day 8 – January 14th: The Spectrum of Spiritual Consciousness

Day 9 – January 15th: The Mind: Repository of Infinite Power

Day 10 – January 16th: Why Evil Is a Part of God’s Creation

Day 11 – January 17th: The Mystery of Mahatma Gandhi

Day 12 – January 18th: Magnetism: The Inherent Power of the Soul

Day 13 – January 19th: Psychological Furniture

Day 14 – January 20th: The Unknown Potential of Memory

Day 15 – January 21st: Harmonizing Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Methods of Healing

Day 16 – January 22nd: Mind Power Can Help You Lose or Gain Weight

Day 17 – January 23rd: How to Work Without Fatigue

Day 18 – January 24th: Ridding the Consciousness of Worry

Day 19 – January 25th: If God Is Free From Karma, Why Aren’t We?

Day 20 – January 26th: The Yoga Art of Overcoming Mortal Consciousness and Death

Day 21 – January 27th: How Feelings Mask the Soul

Day 22 – January 28th: The Yoga Ideal of Renunciation Is For All

Day 23 – January 29th: With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding

Day 24 – January 30th: Criticism

Day 25 – January 31st: Where Is Jesus Now, and What Is He Doing?

Day 26 – February 1st: Do Souls Reincarnate?

Day 27 – February 2nd: Where Are Our Departed Loved Ones?

Day 28 – February 3rd: Reflections on Love

Day 29 – February 4th: The Known and the Unknown

Day 30 – February 5th: Controlling Your Destiny

Day 31 – February 6th: Guests—Good and Bad

Day 32 – February 7th: How to Free Yourself From Bad Habits

Day 33 – February 8th: The Garden of Flowering Qualities

Day 34 – February 9th: Oriental and Occidental Christianity

Day 35 – February 10th: A World Without Boundaries

Day 36 – February 11th: To Know God Is to Love All

Day 37 – February 12th: How You Can Approach God

Day 38 – February 13th: The Cosmic Lover

Day 39 – February 14th: Personal and Impersonal God

Day 40 – February 15th: How to Find a Way to Victory

Day 41 – February 16th: I Am Blessed to Behold Him

Day 42 – February 17th: Take God With You Through Life

Day 43 – February 18th: The Aurora of Bliss

Day 44 – February 19th: Answer the Call of Christ!

Day 45 – February 20th: Divine Communion With God and Christ

Day 46 – February 21st: The Eternal Romance

Day 47 – February 22nd: A Scripture of Love

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