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Welcome to our Devotee Authors & Artists page!  Below you will find information on devotee authors, fine artists, filmmakers, and musicians!  We encourage you to help us to build a strong spiritual network.  Please support your fellow devotees!  Jai Guru!

The Astounding Art of Bobette & Viktorija

Bobette is an artist, and a children’s book illustrator and author.  She is focused on bringing positive thoughts and images into her own life, and her paintings and children’s books are products of that thought.  In 2006, she started the Bunky Book picture book Series for kids.   She also represents Latvian artist Viktorija Bulava and has included her images for sale on her site.  

Website: The Astounding Art of Bobette & Viktorija

Website: Bunky Books

Bright Blue Gorilla

Bright Blue Gorilla is Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover, world-traveling devotee musicians & filmmakers from Los Angeles.  

Every Bright Blue Gorilla movie is a labor of love. You can get a sense of the fun & supportive atmosphere at BBG shoots in the “making of” videos found in the end-credits of all their films. The cast and crew put a lot of creative energy into the projects – and they have a great time doing it. Michael writes, directs & edits, and Robyn produces.  Their filmography includes: Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee and Go with Le Flo. 

Bright Blue Gorilla has also released 12 CDs in various countries & configurations.  Aside from CDs and live in concert, BBG has a lot of music in films & TV. 


Ron Hart – PureBeam Music

PureBeam Music is an Indie label offering a variety of original music to uplift you. Released on CD in April, 2008 is a 4-movement suite for grand piano and synthesizer entitled, “The Light Beyond the Atoms,” by composer/pianist Ron Hart. Ron Hart is the arranger and featured musician on “The Divine Gypsy” and “Where Golden Dreams Dwell,” CD’s of the Cosmic Chants by Paramahansa Yogananda published by Self-Realization Fellowship.


Charlotte Hebert, Author & Spiritual Practitioner

Charlotte Hebert is the author of Meditate and Experience God: Saints, Scriptures, and Science Point the Way. Charlotte has thirty years of experience as a meditator and spiritual practitioner. During this time, she has practiced several forms of meditation including Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Kriya Yoga. Please visit her page to learn more and to purchase her books.

Website: Author Page


Devotee Ben Davis plays for the Venice, California band Luminaries. With a range of sounds spanning from classic, feel-good boom-bap, to neo-soul mashed with super-charged funk-rock, the Luminaries cover the full spectrum of light and frequency. The band sees their role as more than just musicians, but messengers of hope – true hope – as they live a life of service, each having played the role of teacher, social worker, activist and other human instruments of positive change in the world. Please visit Luminaries on the web to download free music, purchase the band’s albums, and sign up for their email newsletter.



Antoinette Spurrier, Author

In Creating Deliberate Happiness: The Complete Guide, author Antoinette Spurrier encourages and supports you in your journey toward powerful change and personal transformation. She shows how you can expand your possibilities of self-empowerment and joy by describing spiritual principles along with practical techniques—journaling, meditation, and affirmations—that can help change any illusions of deficiency into a strong sense of deservedness and self-worth.

She addresses not only the psychology of change, but also your inherent spiritual nature. She invites you to tap into your habits of thought, and then, through introspection and practice, bring about fundamental shifts in consciousness.
Spurrier devotes whole chapters, including practical exercises, to such themes as Your Dual Nature, Creativity, Deservedness, Affirmations, Manifestation, Abundance and Prosperity, Friendship and Love.

Creating Deliberate Happiness: The Complete Guide is also the source book for a series of five smaller books that distill its wisdom, practical techniques and effective tools by focusing on single themes. Her Affirm and Transform about the power of spiritualized affirmations will be published soon. All six books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, or through Spurrier’s website,

Pat Swenson & Nancy Taylor, Authors

Devotee2Devotee creators Pat Swenson and Nancy Taylor are the authors of a new book entitled Online Teaching in the Digital Age. Pat and Nancy provide educators with the essential knowledge needed to successfully develop and teach an online course. Throughout this practical hands-on guide, the authors offer 20 years of personal online teaching experience in language accessible to both the novice and advanced online educator. Developed through theory and practice, the text shows educators how to take the materials used in a traditional classroom and transfer them to a new virtual environment.

Website: Book Page

Terrell Art Studio

Robert Terrell is an abstract artist residing in Lubbock, Texas. His official website contains abstract paintings, installations, and functional art (tables) for sale; in addition, Robert creates artwork on commission.


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