Devotee2Devotee Facebook Commemorative Events

Dear Devotees,

Here are the links to our Devotee2Devotee Facebook SRF/YSS Guru and Leadership Commemorative Events. (Older events are not active, but still accessible to the public.)

2018 Sri Daya Mata Birth Anniversary Celebration, Jan 28 – Feb 5

2018 Paramahansa Yogananda 125th Birth Anniversary, Jan 5-12

2017 Bhagavan Krishna Janmashtami/Birth Event, August 5-14

2017 Mahavatar Babaji Remembrance Day/Smriti Divas, July 16-25

2017 Sri Yukteswar Birthday Commemoration, May 7-15

2016 Lahiri Mahasaya Celebration, September 21-30

2016 Sri Krishna Commemoration, August 16-25

2016 Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration, July 16-25

2014 Lahiri Mahasaya Mahasamadhi & Birth Event, September 21-30

2014 Bhagavan Krishna Janmashtami/Birth Event, August 8-17

2014 Mahavatar Babaji Remembrance Day/Smriti Divas, July 16-25

Our Guru’s teachings say that the commemoration dates of our Gurus “ARE PARTICULARLY AUSPICIOUS; THEN, SPECIAL BLESSINGS FLOW FROM THE GREAT ONES INTO RECEPTIVE HEARTS.” One way we can make our hearts more receptive to these special blessings is to start in advance bringing the Guru into our personal consciousness by reading about him from our SRF/YSS teachings. We may also want to share devotional thoughts, quotes, photos, SRF/YSS related chants and videos, etc. with each other. We may also share photos of our personal altars, or video of chants we have made.

Swami Smarananandaji, speaking about the importance of the personal, devotional relationship with the Gurus, has also talked of the importance of bringing in the Gurus into our MEDITATIONS, and he said that around their commemoration dates, for instance, he brings in Christ for those few weeks, and for Janmashtami, Bhagavan Krishna. So we may also want to practice this at home in our personal meditations for Bhagavan Krishna—another way to tune in to the holy vibrations.

The Guru commemoration day events are separate and somewhat different from our book reading events. Instead of everyone reading the same material at the same time, as in our book events, we are suggesting that we each choose from all the SRF/YSS sources that talk about each Guru whatever appeals to us at any time during the event.

A Facebook account is needed; all events are public so they are accessible to all Facebook users.  Enjoy the blessings and please join us for our current public event!  Jai Guru